Life wouldn’t be the same after your divorce. It is important to understand that no two divorces are the same. You may know people in Columbus, who have managed to end their marriage amicably. However, opting to file for divorce without an attorney isn’t the smartest thing to do. Ohio state laws related to divorce are different to an extent. Instead of trying to understand how the legal things work, consider talking to a Columbus divorce attorney without any further delay. For your help, here are some key things worth knowing about ending your marriage in Ohio.

  1. Divorce and dissolution of marriage are not the same. This is unique in Ohio. If you want to end your marriage, you have two options – divorce or dissolution of marriage. When you and your spouse agree on key aspects, such as child custody & support, distribution of assets, and spousal support, you can file for dissolution of marriage, which is a simpler process. In a divorce, there is a plaintiff and a defendant, but that’s not the case with the dissolution of marriage.
  2. There are several grounds for a contested divorce. If you and your spouse are at loggerheads, you can go for a contested divorce. Grounds include adultery, bigamy, fraudulent contract, cruelty, gross negligence, and separation for at least a year. Talk to your attorney if you think that a divorce is inevitable.
  3. Courts usually favor joint child custody. You can have sole or joint custody of your child, although a court will most likely favor the latter. There is also the choice to seek legal and physical custody. Child support is usually payable by the parent who doesn’t have physical custody, but it depends on the circumstances to a large extent. Both parents are expected to share child support.
  4. You can also get a legal separation in Ohio. Courts can grant a legal separation to some couples who wish to live separately but choose to remain married. This often happens in cases where the couple intends to resolve key concerns but wants to be in the marriage for financial and other reasons.

There are numerous law firms in Columbus, and you can find top divorce lawyers through an online search. Ensure that the attorney has experience with similar cases and is a local lawyer. Your lawyer should be willing to explain your rights and must take an active interest in the case.