While the case is ongoing, many people have this question in their minds as to what will happen after their L&I claim closes?

Well, this is something that causes a lot of stress to the worker with injury in Seattle. This is because there are additional bills that may add up after the closure. Even if you file an L&I claim and get fair compensation, future medical expenses can become a burden.

However, there are ways these medical expenses can still be covered after the claim, which Seattle L&I attorneys can help you with.

Paying medical bills after L&I claims:

Under the act of WAC 296-20-124, the department of L&I will not be responsible for paying for the medical or any other service after the compensation claim is closed. However, certain employees are self-insured and take care of the bill for their services through claims.

There are certain expectations for this too. The first expectation is for a specific medical periodic exam. The labor and industry department and the insurance provider are supposed to pay for medical surveillance. For instance, diseases involving asbestos are performed only when a doctor recommends it, and that is also under regular medical inspections.

The other expectation includes the replacement of medical equipment or devices. Under the act of WAC 296-20-1102, the L&I department and the insurance provider are expected to pay for the medical equipment or machine; maybe it is a prosthesis, pacemakers, or any other device. However, for this claim to be approved, the individual is expected to get authorization from the doctor stating the replacement of that device. Your doctor needs to explain the reason for changing the equipment so that the insurance company can claim it.

There are also specific constraints on what the insurance company will compensate for. For instance, the insurance company will not pay for heat pads, gym equipment, or hot bathtubs.

According to our observation, an individual with an L&I claim should strategically plan for their closure with their attorneys so that you can take an intelligent step ahead. Getting a lawyer for this will make sure that you understand all the terms and conditions and you don’t miss out on any situation that might cost you in the future. They should also discuss terms of exceptional medical exams and replacements in your L&I claims.