The following blog will examine how to successfully package a parcel to prevent it from becoming damaged, what one should be aware of when choosing a courier service, how to send a parcel affordably, and ensure their package arrives on time. Furthermore, a great way to ensure that a courier service is legitimate and reliable is by looking at their testimonials and reviews. British customer reviews are a great platform that encourages customers to leave positive and negative feedback and rate their experiences with specific companies. For example, one can look at parcel2go reviews to provide insight into what the previous customers thought of their services, products, etc.

How to successfully package a parcel

To ensure your package arrives safely and without being stolen or damaged, one needs to package it correctly. Often delivery companies have their own packaging guidelines; however, here is a universal way that one can package their parcel. Firstly, make sure if your parcel is rather large to pack it into a solid, sturdy box that is either double or triple-walled. For smaller items, a jiffy bag would be suitable. Secondly, one should ensure that they wrap each item within the box separately or use dividers to ensure the different items do not damage each other while in transit; bubble wrap is a great way to wrap items securely. Thirdly, when sealing the items and parcel, you want to ensure that you use a substantial tape width of 4-5 cm. Tape such as nylon or vinyl is suitable. Finally, when pasting on your labels, make sure all the barcodes are present and that the label is positioned on top of the box.

What to be aware of when choosing a courier service

With an ample amount of delivery companies to choose from, here are a few things to be mindful of. Namely, how quickly the delivery company takes. Everyone wants to receive their parcels almost instantaneously, therefore choose a company that delivers promptly. Furthermore, you want to select a company covering multiple areas within your province. Additionally, you want a company that values you and your parcel, which is upfront and transparent with you. A great way to ensure this is by reading their reviews and choosing a company with a few years of experience.

How to affordably send a parcel

When sending a parcel, the wight is a crucial factor. When sending a package, you want to ensure you stick below 3kg, as anything higher usually costs more. Furthermore, there are many affordable delivery companies, such as DHL Parcel UK, Parcel Monkey, Parcel2Go, Royal Mail and many more. All of which have their own price lists. Therefore to ensure you receive the best price, one should get quotes from each company and compare them.

How to ensure the parcel arrives on time

The most infuriating thing about waiting for a delivery is when it does not arrive on time, especially when you have planned your whole day around that delivery time. Therefore here are a few ways to ensure you receive your parcel on time. Firstly, keep up to date with real-time tracking. This is an excellent indication of when your package will arrive. Secondly, read the company’s testimonials to ensure they deliver on time and that there are no delivery issues. Lastly, ensure you receive an SMS notifying you that your parcel is on its way.

When sending a parcel, one needs to ensure that they have packaged it securely. Moreover, one also needs to ensure that the delivery service is reliable, timely and trustworthy.