Is your debt overburdening you and making you bankrupt? The question wandering in your minds must be ‘who to call for my bankruptcy issues,’ right? A lawyer is the first person that comes to your mind. So in this post, you will read when to consult a bankruptcy lawyer in Las Vegas.

For bankruptcy filing

Nowadays, When all the forms are available online, you think you”ll manage on your own, but the bankruptcy forms are quite paperwork and a lengthy packet of forms. All you need to do is gather all the documents of your income, debt details, creditors details, when it was due, your expenses and assets, and give all the documents to your lawyer. It will ensure accuracy and up-to-date paperwork, and correct filing in court.

Sound legal advice

 Even before filing for bankruptcy forms, the attorney gives you his legal advice, whether chapter 7 or 13 or any other bankruptcy type, which will help you with your case. Lawyer gives you an insight into what to expect and what not to expect from the bankruptcy process and even the potential risks and difficulties you’ll encounter in your case.

Representation at hearings

Once you are done filing your bankruptcy, all debtors, creditors, and the trustee have to attend a mandatory meeting called 341 meetings. Your attorney can represent you, and your physical presence is not necessary. Even depending on the complexity of your case, there might be additional meetings in which the attorney represents you again.

Expect competence

You’ll think it’s just a simple bankruptcy case, but not all bankruptcy cases are simple. It further depends on the facts of your case, chapter 7 or 13(different types of bankruptcy), depending on your property and assets and how small your business is. The lawyer also keeps in mind the involvement of bankruptcy litigations. You didn’t think about that, right!

Eligibility for bankruptcy

To compare your current income to the median income in the state(which means what 50 percent of people earn in the state), your expenses, a track of your previous bankruptcy( which means you can only apply for bankruptcy after 8 years of the previous case under chapter 7), whether your previous bankruptcy was dismissed within 180 days or not.


Debts can lead to a very unstable future and disturbing life, so here’s your solution. If you face any problem regarding your debts, don’t waste your time; consult a nearby attorney and seek his help.